Pizhichil is a very famous keraliya treatment.. It comes under 'swedana' in ayurveda. But it gives the result of swedana and snehana also.. Pizhichil is indicated in kevala vatha vyadis . It is to be done for 7 days, 14 days, and 21days acording to the conditions. Time of this is from 45mints to 1.30hrs.. Olden days pizhichil was done by 5 workers, 4 men for doing dhara, and one for assisting. Any thaila can be taken for pizhichil..
PurvakarmasThalam is done as purvakarmapaschath karma
gandharva hasthadi kashyam is givn as post karma for vatha hara action and shodhana.
any kevala vatha vyadhis,
contra indication
for chronic diabetic pts.. And hypertension patients. And any contra indication of swedana and snehana.
Samyak lakshana.
Samyak lakshana of swedana and snehana..
Side effects
doing pizhichil with out checking the bala of the patients may end up with complications. Doing pizhichil in hyertension patient may end up with a cardiac arest by shooting up of bp. A chronic diabetic patient may go to the athikledatha of the body and may endup with unpredictable complications.

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