•   Allergy clinic 
Allergy is most prevalent in this era.  Modernization and environmental pollution is the main contributing factor for this disease.  Life style changes contributes much to this condition.  We are treating respiratory allergy successfully. We already have a handful of successful cases. We can assure 100% of cure for dust allergy with in three months of medication.  
  • Piles clinic 
Piles are the most commonest problem in this era. It is mainly due to the alteration in the food habits. Untreated constipation is the major promoting factor in this disease. We treat piles in effective way in which after our treatment,  piles will not re occur in your life time. 

Kshara karma for piles. 
Kshara karma is the most effective treatment for piles. Kshara is a medicine which has strong alkaline properties. Kshara is applied in the pile mass and piles will be disintegrated after the treatment  with in a week. This procedure is less pain full procedure. Patient will be getting mild pain while defecating for a week. There is no complication or side effects. It is 100% effective and safe treatment.  

  • Diabetic clinic 
Diabetis is considered as an incurable disease in modern medicine.  Once if you start modern anti diabetic medication, it must be continues for life long. Now there is some effective medicine in our system to manage diabetes completely.  We use our specially prepared formulations to treat this condition. By this medicine one can prevent the so called complications of diabetes like diabetic retinopathy, heart attacks, kidney failures etc.
  • Spine disorders
Spine disorder is most common for young people because of the over work load in the work station. It is often due to the wrong sitting postures. Panchakarma is considered as the most effective treatment in spine disorders.  We have almost 90% cure in pain related to spine disorders. We are doing abyangam (oil massage), Kizhi (fomentation), Vasti (medicated enema), and Agnikarma etc procedures according to the disease condition.
  • Skin care clinic 
 Skin disease is occurred due to food habits, absence of cleanliness, infection and allergies. We use oral medication and panchakarma to cure this condition.  Vamana (medical emitting ), virechana (medical purgation), and local applications .

Ayurveda is most effective medical system to cure asthma. most of the time oral medication is enough to cure asthma. Seldom we may go for vamana or virechana.
  • Joint pain and rheumatoid  arthritis 
  • Neurology 
  • Kidney stones
  • Head ache 
  • Ulcerative Colitis  
Above specialties are available at Ayurveda Manjari Specialty Clinic, Kottarakara, Kollam

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