A huge pile mass cures by ksharasutra treatment

A  60 year old male presented to the opd with this huge fourth digree piles. Patient was unable to sit. The pile mass projects out of the anal canal. As per the patient he was suffering from piles for many years. Initially the piles was very small and it came out during the defecation. It used to go inside anal canal spontaneously. Gradually the pile mass increased the size and it needed manual reduction in that stage. Pile mass used to go inside while he pushes inside. But once in a fine day it refused to go inside. He tried hard and pile mass didnt go inside after defecation. It was painful. Patient got frightened and came to hospital. He opted ayurveda treatment. We tried with medicine first. It went vain. So our consultant Ayurveda Surgeon Dr.Jishnu Chandran suggested to go for surgery in allopathy hospital. But patient was not ready he wanted to try Ayurveda methods. Doctor decided  to do Ksharasutra therapy. Patient was willing wholeheartedly. Next day we did the therapy. The pile mass fall down with in a week. The wound was also healed in two weeks. Patient was happy. It was an example of  tremendous results given by Ayurveda therapy. 

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